Media, Identities and Representations

I decided that my topic would be feminism because I believe that a lot of young people aren’t familiar enough with the history of feminism and what they are really trying to achieve. Through social media feminists can sometimes be portrayed negatively and there are often lots of stereotypes of them which are untrue or only true of a small number of feminists. I believe it is important to educate people on what feminism really stands for because it is about equality for both genders.

I decided to do this is the form of a magazine feature because i believe this was the most effective way to get all the information across. I have aimed the feature at young people; specifically students, for example i gave an example of a feminist society at the university as a way to get involved. This feature could therefore appear in a university student run magazine.

I wasn’t completely happy with how my feature looked in a design sense. As i completed it on Microsoft Word i couldn’t create the professional look that i desired. If i did this again i would attempt to create it on other software more suited to this production such as Adobe InDesign. However i was happy with the information i provided in the text and i think it serves it’s purpose in that sense.

One issue today is the thought that feminism is no longer needed because we have equality between genders. However, this is extremely untrue and i have given some examples in my work of how this is false economically and socially. Furthermore of how it is especially negative towards woman. In one study we looked at on our module we discovered that the ‘selfie’ has been gendered as an activity for women but not men. This then carries many negative connotations such as women as being more narcissistic. 

Another study i read found that in the so called ‘post-feminist’ generation there was still support for feminist goals, but that were coupled with ambiguity about the concept of feminism. Therefore this shows an awareness of persisting inequalities, but that there needs to be more education on the exact work and concept of feminism.

I didn’t have to worry too much about health and safety during my production, however when i was gathering quotes from students i made sure to abide by ethical guidelines and get an online consent form from each participant:





Also the picture i used was from


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